Do You Want To Escape For Camping in Yogyakarta?

Do You Want To Escape For Camping in Yogyakarta? Must Read This Best Place Recommendation
Camping is a simple activity that can cause a sense of familiarity with nature. You will feel united with nature. You can feel the beauty of the tourist spots that you use for camping. You can enjoy the gentle angina to improve your mood after getting stuck with a work routine. One of the best destinations for camping is Yogyakarta. The city is one of the cities that has the best nature for camping. Plan your flight to Yogyakarta immediately. Here are some of the best camping destinations:
1. Tourist Attractions Of Mount Nglanggeran
Mountains are one of the fun destinations for camping. You will not feel hot when in the mountains because in the mountains have very cool weather. However, you need to prepare warm clothes. Mountains do not provide hot weather, but can make you feel cold at night. Nglanggeran Mountain has a height of up to nine hundred meters. You need approximately one hour to reach the top of Nglanggeran Mountain.
Meanwhile, the area that you can use to camp is below the top of the mountain. Besides enjoying the beautiful mountain atmosphere, you can also enjoy the beauty of “Embung Nglanggeran”, which is an artificial lake. You can set up a tent in this special camp area. Do not worry you are camping alone, because usually in this area many other tourists also want to enjoy Mount Nglanggeran by camping.

2. Kaliurang Park Area
This Kaliurang Park camping area is suitable for camping with families. You can use a camping ground for sightseeing while educating your child to be friendly with nature. Don’t worry when you don’t have a tent for camping, because the manager of Kaliurang Park provides tent rentals. The advantage of camping in this area is that you don’t have to feel bothered to find a bathroom. Facilities in the camping ground area of Kaliurang Park are quite complete, so it is suitable for family holidays. Another advantage that you can get is that you will be easy to visit other tourist attractions. Kaliurang Park is adjacent to Goa Japanese tourist attractions, Ullen Sentalu Museum, Telogo Puteri, and various other tourist attractions.

3. Ngrumput Beach
Ngrumput Beach is located in Gunung Kidul area. Almost all coastal areas in the Gunung Kidul area can be used for camping, but this beach is the perfect place when you want to camp with close friends and your family. Ngrumput Beach is a very interesting spot for camping. You can enjoy views of the sunrise and sunset from Ngrumput Beach. Soft white breezes and breezes will make your flight plan to Yogyakarta a great success. Another beach that you can also use for camping is Sundak Beach. This beach is also located in Gunung Kidul Beach area. One of the advantages when camping on Sundak Beach is the easy access to the bathroom. In addition, near the Sundak Beach campsite there are also food stalls that can meet your food needs.
Yogyakarta offers a variety of beauty and hospitality to plan your escape from boredom. You are free to determine vacation plans. You are also free to determine the concept of your escape to be perfect. Create beautiful and unforgettable memories with Yogyakarta City.