5 The Beauty Of Nature Offered By Yogyakarta, Number 2 Don’t Be Missed

Yogyakarta is a city that offers a variety of comfort and beauty. You can travel in historical places that make you unconsciously remember the past. You can also visit tourist attractions in the center of Yogyakarta city which offers peace and hospitality. You can also choose to be one with nature and feel the coolness. There are many tourist attractions that have a vast expanse of trees and grass in Yogyakarta. Here are some natural attractions that you must visit:
1. Area Of Rice Field Songgo Langit Sukorame
The vast rice fields and bamboo bridges in the middle of the rice fields make this area very suitable for photo taking. This tourism platform is only opened early in 2018 and tourists are increasing. Yogyakarta does have many places that can easily attract tourists. Apart from the elements of the atmosphere that is created also the view from the tourist attractions themselves. You who want to visit Songgo Langit Rice Field area can go to Bantul Regency.
2. Bhumi Merapi Agro Tourism
This Merapi Bhumi Tourism is an agro tourism tourist spot that can educate many things related to livestock and plantations. You can see the cultivation of various pets, including; ferrets, reptiles, goats, and other animals. This tourist attraction also provides an area that can be used for outbound and camping activities. This area also provides an area for riding. Meanwhile, those of you who like to take pictures can use the Hobbit’s home area to background your photos. You can visit this tourist area in Sleman Regency from 08:30 until 17:00.
3. Bukit Lintang Sewu
Those of you who are curious about the appearance of a wooden tree can try to visit Bukit Lintang Sewu. The name of the Bukit Lintang Sewu is adapted from the Javanese language which means hill of thousand stars. You can see the beauty of the sunset from this hill. Besides that, at night you can see the flickering lights of Yogyakarta city from this area. So, this view can be the background for naming “Lintang Sewu” or a thousand stars. This place is perfect for you to visit with loved ones. You will feel a romantic feel that is different from the city crowd. This tourist spot is also in the area of Bantul Regency.
4. The Sky Doors Of Dahromo
This tourist spot is in the southeast region in Bantul area which also has interesting photo spots. You can visit the Dlingo area to enjoy this tourist spot. This place provides lots of various photo spots, so you can choose the best spot you want. You can invite friends and family to visit the tourist attractions.
5. Becici Peak
When visiting Yogyakarta you should take the time to visit Becici Peak. You can watch the sun fall from this tourist spot. Becici peak is also in the blood of Dlingo, Bantul which is also the best place to capture your memories in a photo. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere at Becici Peak with your beloved husband or wife.
Yogyakarta does offer a variety of natural beauty that you can capture in a photo. Create your best memories with valuable people in your life. Don’t forget to bring home your longing for Yogyakarta so that you can return to Yogyakarta.