We’ll make sure you’ll never forget Yogyakarta.

Escape to Yogyakarta, Indonesia You'll be so happy you can't move on. Here is the plan:

We'll pick you up

Airport or train station? No problem, we’ll meet you anytime anywhere.

Get you something to eat

You must be starving. Relax, we’ll get you the best food in Yogyakarta.

Jump for a ride

A ride around the city for a breath of fresh air after a full stomach is always a good idea.

logo map

Go for an adventure

Yes, we’ll take you to some magnificent places for a daily doze of happiness.

Release yourself

Free yourself from your burden. Enjoy the view, smile, laugh, cry or do whatever you want; we’ll be your shoulder. 

Smile and rest

A good night sleep at a tropical hotel is the best way to end the day.

What's included? With this plan, we'll help you find a place to stay, capture your moments, or even become your travel companion.

Can’t figure out how to escape from Yogyakarta?

Well, just, stay, for a while.

Get yourself captured in stills.

By the authorities, in photography.

Resolve whatever you’re escaping from.

We have the key, show us your handcuffs.

Interested? Have something else in mind?

Still not sure what to do in Yogyakarta? Just send us inquiry, we’ll send you the best plan.



Don’t just listen to us. Here are what people say about us.

  • I am addicted to ESCAPE

    They've nailed it. PERFECTION. It happened to me and it could happen to you too. I got so much more than expected. They are focused on their customer, making them relevant and so much fun! I came back a very happy customer and richer in experiences. Now I am proud to say, that I am addicted to ESCAPE.

    I am addicted to ESCAPE
    Sharah Mohammad
    AirAsia Senior Cabin Crew
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Perfect Service

    We made a lot of interesting, awesome experiences. Every trip enriched us a lot. We got a lot to know about people, different fantastic landscapes, impressive buildings and the tasteful food of Java. It was great for us and we will come again next winter. We are really thankful for the perfect service of Detutu.

    Perfect Service
    Lisa Zirn & Peter Zirn
  • Above the Expectation!

    The most hospitable tour around Yogyakarta. We couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable trip than what we had with Detutu. They map out the whole trip based on our preference upon arrival. Very reliable and time spent efficiently. We actually went to lots of places for such limited time. Another satisfied customer here!

    Above the Expectation!
    Tita Adriana
    Student at Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School Australia

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